Sirup Music Remix Contest Winners Announced With Mike Candys & We Rave You


Sirup Music Remix Contest Winners Announced With Mike Candys & We Rave You

The time has finally come, and we couldn’t be happier and more excited to announce the winner (s) of Music Syrup remix contest in association with Mike candys and We love you. Last August, we teamed up with Candys and his label Sirup Music, to offer all talented producers the opportunity to remix the hit single from Candys’The lights go out. ‘

Fast forward to now, and with a range of submitted remixes, Candys and her team at Sirup Music have managed to break down the Top 10 remixes of her track, with the final winner being closely followed by three other artists, and in tour also earn an honorable mention and see their tracks released on Sirup Music alongside the winner’s ultimate remix.

In no particular order, the artists who made the Top 10 are as follows; Cam Colston, Dynascope, Frankie Corsano, Holt, The donor, Broke, Monroe & Moralezz, Pandapushed, Almi, and Fenox.

With each artist providing one stellar remix after another, it certainly wasn’t an easy task to decide on the winner. Candys and her team used a rating system for each remix, with three artists having the same score. In turn, this led to the decision to award the three producers with 2nd place in the remix competition, and these artists are as follows; Holt, Pandapush and Almi.

Showcasing his musical prowess with his ‘Lights Go Down’ remix, it’s no surprise that Holt’s track was chosen for release. With his remix following a jellyfish-style sound, the Zimbabwe-based DJ / producer has chosen to maintain a similar direction to the original, while applying a bassline drop unlike any other. Commenting on the remix contest and his own entry, Holt had the following to say;

“I heard Mike’s original in 2019 and when I saw that there was a remix competition I knew exactly how I could make it my own. I loved creating this track with my own sound. and I am very grateful for the opportunity to Mike and the Sirup team.

Likewise, the Pandapush remix couldn’t go unnoticed either, with the German DJ / producer taking the track to a different level. Opting to maintain the overall feel and melody of the original song, Pandapush would then continue to change the style of the track by adding a triplet rhythm. Following such an approach was essential for the artist, Pandapush stating the following in his remix;

“I wanted to create something that wasn’t too different from the original so as not to lose the amazing atmosphere and drive people crazy at the club. I think I succeeded.

The third producer who also impressed with his remix of ‘Lights Go Down’ is Almi. Opting for a more melodic techno style with his breakdown on the song, Almi was able to capture the essence of the original but at the same time create a voiceless drop infused and generally going in a different direction compared to club bangers than he did. ‘other producers have opted for the creation of their remixes. In more detail, Almi had the following to say;

“My Remix was mostly inspired by the fact that the station wagon reminded me of the track ‘Children’ which is one of my all time favorites, and the Tinlicker remix that I love too. I thought I would take the main melodies from the original Lights Go Down song and do it all again using my own sound designs and style. I only kept the Vocal stems, String Fills and Brass hits from the original. The rest came on their own after hours of tweaking. It’s amazing that I started listening to Mike Candys when I was a teenager in school showing his tracks and remixes to my friends and family, and now 10 years later I wake up one morning and see that I am one of the contest winners and will get a remix release! Seeing him listen and judge on the live replay really made my day!

Such was the quality of the submitted remixes, with three artists releasing their track and being recognized for their exceptional production skills. However, there was one producer who stood out above the rest, the official winner of the Sirup Music remix competition in association with Mike Candys and We Rave You being none other than BROKE!

Producing a track with more aggression compared to the original, BROKE added all the right elements to take Candys’ slap house track to a different dimension, as it perfectly combines the melodic sound of the original, before create a drop that overflows with energy. A worthy winner, BROKE said the following about his remix of ‘Lights Go Down; “

“I constantly focus on sharing what goes through my head when it comes to music creation and the Mike Candys and Sirup Music Remix Contest gave me this huge opportunity! When I first listened to ‘Lights Go Down’ I suddenly knew that my mood and feelings were just right to create the best remix with the sounds of Mike Candys’ new song. My remix of ‘Lights Go Down’ will take you out of your daily routine with ‘nostalgic’ and ‘energetic’ moments that you can instantly capture when listening to the track for the first time. I think it’s one of the best work I’ve ever done that I’m finally getting to the point where I can mix emotions with musical composition.

We would like to thank everyone who entered the Sirup Music remix contest in association with Mike Candys and We Rave You, and in turn congratulate the winner (s) of this contest. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for each of these multi-talented producers, but in the meantime, be sure to check out the official winners announcement and listen to each remix. here.

Image Credit: Mike Candys (via press release)

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