Tanya Tagaq shares two versions of new single ‘Colonizer’

Tanya Tagaq shared two new tracks, “Colonizer” and “Colonizer (Tundra Mix)”.

Both versions of “Colonizer” appear on Tagaq’s next album, Languages, released on March 11, 2022. The song is about responsibility. “Oh, you are guilty. It’s not a question, ”says a press release.

The original version of “Colonizer” emerged from Tagaq’s improvised live performance. While on stage with Nanook of the North in Manchester, overlooking New York’s Columbus Circle, Tagaq created the track. The song serves as Tagaq’s response to playing in spaces that are both visibly and symbolically colonial.

Listen to “Colonizer” below.

The song’s Tundra Mix is ​​quite different from the original. Tagaq created it in collaboration with producers Saul Williams and Gonjasufi. “Colonizer (Tundra Mix)” channels the hypnotic sound of Languages.

Listen to “Colonizer (Tundra Mix)” below.

Languages “Don’t talk about horrors and crises, like Tanya Tagaq’s previous albums without a word, powerfully circled, but directly about these things,” says a press release. “Languages is Tagaq at its most explicit and specific. The album will also balance industrial and electronic sounds with poetic passages from Tagaq’s successful mythobiography, Split tooth. “

In addition to the two versions of “Colonizer”, Languages features the previously released title song.

The next collection of 10 tracks will serve as a kind of guide for the indoor and outdoor revolution. “It is a triumph of strength and intelligence that invites the listener to join her in a personal victory over colonization, over those who take without consent,” a statement continued.

Consult the list of tracks for Languages below.

Languages List of tracks:

01 – “In me”
02 – “Languages”
03 – “Colonizer”
04 – “Teeth feast”
05 – “Birth”
06 – “I forgive myself”
07 – “Nuclear”
08 – “Don’t be afraid of love”
09 – “Monster of the Earth”
10 – “Colonizer (Tundra Mix)”

Tanya Tagaq will perform at Massey Hall on March 30, 2022.

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