Team Korn with Inkbox for New Temporary Tattoo Designs


Korn has partnered with Inkbox for a range of temporary tattoos. So, you don’t have to mate for life with just one right away.

For those with tattoo engagement issues, the series of 10 temporary tattoos includes classic Korn logos, Korn song titles and lyrics, and album art from The Nothing, Problems and the character of Shadowman. (Nothingness and Shadowman tattoos have a particularly striking silhouette.)

How temporary is it temporary? Good for the gig and until a few weeks after, says the maker. Inkbox boasts “they are not your average temporary tattoo”. According to their website, “most temporary tattoos last a few days … (but) Inkbox last up to 1-2 weeks, gradually fading as your skin exfoliates.” They are also advertised as waterproof so you can “shower, sweat and go about your business”.

A fluffy temporary tattoo is easy to spot, but Inkbox says theirs “looks real.” It remains to be seen whether they will cheat your brothers in the mosh pit. Either way, you might want to apply yours a few days before the show, as the company claims the tattoo will darken to its final shape in 24-36 hours as it goes. reacts with your skin.

Inkbox’s list price for their Korn Collection Tattoos ranges from $ 17 to $ 19 and it looks like the more you order … the more discounts you get.

Check out the Korn Inkbox tattoos below.

Korn Inkbox Tattoos

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