The Hobbs Sisters ‘Turn It Up’ on a full, energetic debut album


“We just fell in love with songwriting,” Lauren Hobbs told American Songwriter. “It’s such a joy to be able to put everything we feel into songs.”

Lauren’s relationship with songwriting began in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and her infatuation with music was matched by her twin, Hannah Hobbs. “Since we were little we used to have little mini-concerts for our parents in our garden and always sing together,” Hannah said. “So when we started to really start making careers in music and writing songs, we always looked at making careers together. ”

Once engaged in the music industry, The Hobbs Sisters entered the country music scene while drawing inspiration from artists like Shania Twain and Martin McBride. They leaned into the characteristic storytelling of the country from the 90s and nurtured their own voices. Then, about four years ago, the Hobbs Sisters moved to Nashville and consolidated their stake in Music City. The result was a fiery duet with soaring harmonies that most can only hope for.

Recently the Hobbs Sisters released singles like “What If It Was” from their debut album, Turn it up, to formally announce their presence on the modern country scene.

Today, Turn it up is officially down after a few setbacks related to the pandemic. The record was intended for an EP release in 2020, but the lockdown put the plan on hold. So instead of an EP, the Hobbs Sisters continued to bring their work together and kick off their creative synapses. “I think we wrote more in the last year than we have in years, just because of the weather and being off the road and not really having other things going. “said Lauren.

“I think a huge benefit for us was being able to really dive in and write songs that we’re really, really proud of. So when we got to the start of this year, we were like, “Oh, we have five songs that we haven’t released, but [also] all these new things we’ve done. So for us, it was just like this really perfect way of presenting ourselves as artists, as songwriters on the 10 song album.

The title song and the album’s opening single are also the song the sisters use to open their concerts. “Turn It Up” creates an undeniable groove of well-being and gives rhythm to the record with extraordinary energy. “For us, a lot of our careers have been played live, sharing our songs with an audience,” Lauren explained. “I think it just captures that idea of ​​living in the moment and enjoying every part of the ride along the way. It’s really the feeling and the energy that we tried to convey throughout the album.

As for the other eight tracks, the inspiration came from personal stories. “For example, the last track ‘Grown Up Things’ is an older song that we had. This has always been one of our favorites, because it kind of talks about where you want to be in your life, the dreams you have and how it merges with where you are, ”a explained Hannah.

“Grown Up Things” was co-written with songwriter Josh Byrd, and the three artists took their time to put together their thoughts on different phases of life. This tender ballad showcases the songwriting agility of The Hobbs Sisters and complements the faster, more energetic tracks that follow it. The order of the 10 titles was not accidental either: the sisters looked at the possible formations, determined to make the listener travel.

Overall, Turn it up is an album for our present moment and all the moments to come. Listen here and check out upcoming Hobbs Sisters tour dates below.

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