The Shins take “Caring Is Creepy” for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

2022 marks 21 years of iconic indie rock album Oh, reverse world by The Shins, and the band found that a great reason to celebrate by announcing an anniversary tour. To further energize the anniversary, they covered the classic track “Caring Is Creepy”, known for its role in the movie garden conditionat Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Their performance is tinged with nostalgia, but it still sounds great. Singer James Mercer’s voice is clean and distinct; the instrumentation is lively and inviting, retaining its rich, bittersweet sound that makes it special. Many influential indie rock albums of the early 2000s have milestone anniversaries – last year was 20 years since The Strokes Is thisand later this year, 20 years have passed since Interpol intervened Turn on the bright lights.

About the birthday Oh, inverted worldMercer said in a statement: “Everything was so ironic in the independent world of the 90s. I remember feeling the desire again for some kind of romance in music, something serious, like a real attempt at emotional language.

The tour is currently underway and will continue through September. In 2018, they unveiled an album titled The heart of the wormwhich contained alternate “reverse” versions of songs from the band’s 2017 record Heartworms.

Watch The Shins’ performance of “Caring Is Creepy” above.

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