The story of an aspiring singer and songwriter: Gaurang Oberoi

A multi-talented individual with a bunch of interests and talents, Gaurang Oberoi creates music inspired by his own creativity and skills. He thinks he doesn’t want to stop at just one goal, his goals are on many levels. He wants to conquer all facets of every art form, be it craftsmanship, music or theater.

From an early age only, Gaurang Oberoi was inspired by the masters of the industry of the time such as J. Krishnamurti and UG Krishnamurti.

With the resulting receptivity that accompanied deep self-study, Gaurang embarked on an excursion to dominate the abilities needed to create music, tunes that touch the hearts of individuals while raising important questions. concerning the fundamental characteristics of life, the ones we usually underestimate.

Indeed, even as he learns and attempts to refine his musical creation abilities, Gaurang has composed a great number of melodies, with a rare emphasis on style, inflection and verses that strike individuals, however, each piece implies its own happiness. uniqueness.

The recording of his song was made in Mumbai. Where Gaurang Oberoi has also had the chance to immerse himself in his other interests such as dance and wellness because he believes that the body has an exceptional place in its greater plan of things; a means by which work is expressed and conveyed.

From today, Gaurang wants to deliver his own melody chain and is looking for a female role for his next collection.

Gaurang follows very few people in his life who are mostly very close to his heart.

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