Thoughts on Day Two of the Documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”

Welcome to our three-day coverage of the new three-part documentary series directed by Disney + and Peter Jackson, The Beatles: Come Back.

The doc, which Disney + is releasing over Thanksgiving weekend (November 25-27) features never-before-seen footage of former Mop Tops assembling their legendary (and latest) album, So be it, originally published May 8, 1970.

As we brought you the Top 12 things we learned in the first 20 minutes yesterday, there was obviously a lot more to digest in the show’s first episode, which spanned two and a half hours.

More things we learned from part 1:

1. Ringo is just awesome. He’s a listener. It doesn’t cause any problems. In fact, several characters in the film comment on how they themselves feel most calm when they are around him. I must love a Glue Guy.

2. Paul is a workaholic. He is a master builder, who has crises when others do not match his enthusiasm and his desire. But who can blame him? He’s in a room, maybe he’s part of the best band ever, and it’s their last hit on an immortal last album. And Harrison yawns. But it’s a fine line: when to lead a person and when, uh, whatever.

3. The group’s jackets. Wow. It’s like a flock of birds when they come in to start the rehearsal. But maybe these jackets will come into play at a certain “away” event. Hmmm!

4. It’s just incredibly cool to see the band put together songs we’ve heard for 50 years now, tunes like “Get Back”, “I’ve Got A Feeling”, “I Me Mine”, “The Long and Winding Road “and” So be it. ” Your ears perk at familiarity, but your eyebrows rise at first.

5. So far John Lennon, who is one of the greatest rock and roll songwriters and singers of all time, is acting like a baby. He wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. We love John Lennon. But show yourself or don’t. Perhaps, however, he waits and creates an incredible moment in the group. But damn it. That’s why we love The Beatles, though. They have such distinct but universal archetypes in the group. We love you, Johnny.

6. George Harrison leaves the group. He even writes it down in his diary saying he quit The Beatles. He takes his magnificent coat and his carton of cigarettes and leaves. Part 1 ends with an explanation of what happens next: McCartney, Lennon, and Starr go to Harrison’s – with Yoko and Linda (why !?) – to try and convince Harrison to return. The first part ends with a remark: it did not go well.

10 things we learned from the first 10 minutes of part 2 of The Beatles: Come Back

1. Peter Jackson (Oscar winner) and Disney + really went all out for this. Episode 2 of the documentary series is barely three hours long. Again, what should we expect, however, from the former Lord of the Rings trilogy director? So many sequences.

2. We are now entering days 8-16 of the experience which is the To recover sessions, an attempt to complete and memorize a dozen or more songs for a new live album and special TV performance by the end of January 1969, before Ringo had to shoot a movie, The magical Christian.

3. Amidst all of this pressure, one thing remains hilarious: The Beatles have three weeks to do all of this work. But they take weekends off. Amazing flex.

4. Ringo is the first to arrive after the meeting which did not save the group. He is always so affable. Paul and Linda are next. Linda appears to be a lovely person and a skilled photographer. She sits away from the group while they rehearse, she pulls them too. At one point in Part 2, Linda and Yoko are talking and it’s nice to see on film.

5. A few minutes after Part 2 begins, the discussion about Yoko vs. The Beatles arises. Apparently Yoko spoke on behalf of Lennon during the meeting with Harrison. Lennon was largely, if not totally, silent.

6. Yoko, who was sitting next to the group in the Writers’ Circle, continues to be the topic of conversation. Paul expresses his frustration. “It’s hard to start from scratch with Yoko there.” We’re not trying to stack it, but that seems to be when the fuse is on. Lennon will be put in a situation and he will choose his partner. It turns out Percy Sledge was right. But “they’re going too far,” McCartney says.

7. In this reunion with Ringo, Linda and other producers, Paul talks again about the group that needs a “Daddy” figure. He has already spoken about it. After the group lost their former manager, Brian Epstein, they were missing the father figure. Paul tries to fill it up – beard and all – but it doesn’t totally work.

8. Paul jokes that 50 years later (ie today) the world will joke that the band broke up “because Yoko was sitting on an amp.” They all laugh. Linda sits next to him as he says so. Embarrassing. Part of the tension between Paul and John comes down to watching two spouses try to predict each other’s movement.

9. At one point, with Ringo sitting next to him, John and George absent, Paul presciently said, “And then there were two.” He stares into space, almost shaking.

ten. Then someone calls John on the phone and Paul gets up to talk…

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