Troy Carter’s Venice Music Opens Up To More Independent Artists With New Subscription Model

Venice Music, which offers a range of services to independent artists through exclusive invitations or a founding member pass, is opening its platform to a wider range of artists through new subscription plans.

The company is offering three new subscription tiers: an Essentials plan that costs $60 per year, a Professional plan for $500 per year, and an invite-only Premium services plan.

Founded by Q&A co-founders Troy Carter and Suzy Ryoo in early 2021, Venice Music provides distribution, marketing, and A&R assistance, as well as creative, digital, and sync services to independent artists.

Venice has since branched out to Web3 and earlier this year launched its own NFT-closed private members club called the Venice Music Collective, offering a physical space called the Venice House in Los Angeles.

The space includes recording studios, audio equipment and a swimming pool. Membership costs around 0.2 ETH ($312 at current rates) per year, and members must renew annually.

Venice says its new Essentials plan covers unlimited distribution access, royalty payment management, performance tracking and analytics; access to the company’s private community Discord channel; and the professional support of an experienced record company operations team.

Professional plan scope includes all benefits of the Essentials plan, plus access to Venice House, synchronization of submissions and marketing and playlist strategies, exclusive networking and social events, office hours, content educational and seminars, as well as partner discounts. from Soho House, Waves Audio, and more.

The Premium Services tier, on the other hand, offers all the benefits of the other two plans, plus access to a dedicated artist services team, music video distribution, and a dedicated sync team across all media. .

These services aim to provide musicians with a distribution tool that would allow them to make unlimited releases to all major digital service providers and enjoy detailed performance analytics, transparent payments, and more, the company said.

“Our goal has been to help independent artists achieve success on equal terms with their major label counterparts. To maintain that success, artists need to feel educated, informed and supported.

Troy Carter

“Our goal has been to help independent artists achieve success on par with their major label counterparts. To maintain that success, artists need to feel educated, informed and supported,” Carter said.

“Over the past 18 months, we’ve attracted some high-quality partners and started to have a real impact on the independent community.”

“Venice is reinventing independence for the future music entrepreneur while nurturing a passionate global community.”

Suzy Ryoo

The subscription model will launch with seven days of digital programming from September 12-18, featuring live chats with music industry professionals.

Venice will also be hosting in-person events, such as community meetups, networking events, live showcases with performances by Venice members, a Web3 Summit and more, in the coming months.

“Venice is reimagining the independence of the future music entrepreneur while bringing a passionate global community…We’re poised to power independent businesses for artists, managers and creative executives for the next decade and beyond,” co-founder and president of Venice Music says Suzy Ryoo.

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