TuneCore and Groover team up to help independent artists grow their careers

“TuneCore is dedicated to helping independent artists improve their music and gain exposure. With Groover, we’ve found a like-minded music platform that exists to support artists alike, aligning perfectly with TuneCore’s priorities,” said Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore.

Leading independent DIY digital music distributor TuneCore, owned by global digital music company Believe, has partnered with Groover, an innovative web-based platform that allows independent artists to connect with tastemakers and music professionals. the music industry who then give their opinion to the creators of music.

The partnership will allow TuneCore artists to engage Groover’s extensive global network of music professionals, independent playlist curators and radio stations to receive guaranteed feedback on their music and gain exposure. Songs can be submitted at any stage of release – from demos to previously released tracks. Groover’s platform allows artists to specify which music professionals they want to receive feedback from.

Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore, said, “TuneCore is dedicated to helping independent artists improve their music and gain exposure. We do this by providing artists with the tools they need to improve as music makers while equipping them with the skills they need to gain momentum in their careers. With Groover, we’ve found a like-minded music platform that exists to support artists alike, aligning perfectly with TuneCore’s priorities.

Earlier this year, TuneCore launched its revolutionary new pricing program that allows artists at any stage of their career to distribute their music. The program allows music creators to release unlimited tracks and albums through plans ranging from free/no upfront (social platforms), $14.99 (rising artist), $29.99 (emerging artist) to $49.99 (professional). All TuneCore artists will receive an exclusive discount on their next Groover campaign, VIP service including artist support via live chat on the Groover website, and personalized recommendations from Groover’s most relevant contacts and curators for their music .

Groover co-founder Dorian Perron said, “Serving independent artists every day and helping them break down the wall that separates them from music curators and industry professionals is what has kept us going since we started. launched Groover 4 years ago. When we think of independent artists and how to help them grow their careers, it’s impossible not to think of TuneCore. With the launch of their unlimited plans, they showed how well they understand the changing needs of music creators. That’s why Groover is thrilled to partner with TuneCore to empower independent artists to release their music, have their tracks heard by industry professionals, grow their network, and get the exposure they deserve. .

Faryal Khan Thompson, TuneCore’s International Vice President, said, “Groover’s global presence and strong ties to industry partners provide all TuneCore artists with access to top-notch information about their music. . This feedback is important for all artists, but for music creators in emerging international markets, the previously closed availability of musical expertise is particularly valuable.

As an added benefit, independent artists using both TuneCore and Groover will be automatically considered for all-new Breakout by TuneCore & Groover playlists, featured on major streaming platforms as well as future promotional opportunities and spotlights. artists on Groover’s social networks.


TuneCore is the global platform for independent musicians to grow their audiences and careers – with technology and services in distribution, publishing administration and a range of promotional services. TuneCore music distribution services help artists, labels and managers sell their music through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TikTok, Tencent and over 150 download and streaming stores globally, while retaining 100% of their revenue and sales rights for a low annual fee. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration assists songwriters by administering their compositions through licensing, registration, worldwide royalty collection, and placement opportunities in films, TV shows, commercials, video games, etc The TuneCore Artist Services portal offers a suite of tools and services that allow artists to promote their art, connect with fans, and get their music heard. TuneCore, part of Believe, is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta and Austin, and operates globally through local teams based in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria. , South Africa, India, Japan and Singapore on 5 continents.http://www.tunecore.com


groover helps artists get their music heard. Through an innovative web platform, Groover connects artists who want to promote their music with the best curators, radios and labels looking for emerging talent. On Groover, artists can send their music directly to a selection of blogs, radio stations, playlist curators, record labels and pros of their choice, get guaranteed feedback, build their network and gain coverage. More than 2 million comments have been given by more than 2,000 active curators and music professionals located around the world, more than 400,000 shares (reviews, additions to playlists, etc.) and more than 1,000 signatures on record labels thanks to Groover.


To believe is one of the world’s leading digital music companies. Believe’s mission is to develop artists and labels in the digital world by providing them with the solutions they need to grow their audience at every stage of their career and development. Believe’s passionate team of digital music experts around the world leverage the group’s global technology platform to advise artists and labels, distribute and promote their music. Its 1,565 employees in more than 50 countries aim to support independent artists and labels with unique digital expertise, with respect, fairness and transparency. Believe offers its various solutions through a portfolio of brands including TuneCore, Nuclear Blast, Naïve. Groove Attack and AllPoints. Believe is listed on compartment A of the regulated market of Euronext Paris (Ticker: BLV. ISIN: FR0014003FE9).

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