Upstate Indie Artist Awfultune Releases New Album “Eden”

Indie artist awfultune released his new album, Edenas well as a trio of singles including “Sweet Talk”, “Wild Tune” and “Sad Love Song”. Eden is the artist’s fifth studio album.

PC: Shervin Lainez

Released on April 29, Eden is a project that delves deep into awfultune’s personal life and past heartaches in a way that many can relate to. The low-key yet engaging songwriting of songs like “Pickup” and “Sweet Talk” have listeners reminiscing about the shy excitement that comes from a new love interest while “Shut up!!!” and “soda” deal with the breakdown of a relationship and the underlying trauma and complications.

In addition to an album, awfultune has also released an illustrated storybook. featured on her instagram, each chapter focuses on a different song from the album. Bright and bold illustrations perfectly portray each individual message.

PC: Shervin Lainez

Awfultune, also known as Layla Eden, is an indie pop artist from upstate New York. As a trans woman, her music is closely linked to her personal journey and the adaptation of her identity. She stands up for anyone who has ever felt lonely or at odds with themselves.

Eden is available on all streaming platforms.

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