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The credit card is one of the means of payment that is used particularly often today. It is not only used to shop online. It is also particularly useful when traveling or for booking travel. It can also be worthwhile for students to get a credit card. Anyone who plans to spend an internship or a semester abroad, for example, can save money with a credit card and also avoid having to carry cash with them at all times.


The credit card itself is a real classic for payments abroad

credit card itself is a real classic for payments abroad

Simply give your credit card, signature and you can pay without cash. Withdrawing money abroad is also significantly cheaper with a credit card than with a classic EC card. In fact, the credit card for students has even more advantages:

  1. Withdrawing money is possible worldwide – even free of charge within the Eurozone
  2. Direct payment possible in all shops worldwide
  3. Relatively high security when paying locally or on the Internet
  4. If the card is stolen, it can be blocked directly, but cash would have disappeared
  5. Credit line when choosing a classic credit card

Not all credit card providers and banks issue a classic credit card to students. It is important to be able to prove that there is a positive credit rating. Ideally, this means that the student has a regular income. This is no longer the case today, because the student job is almost part of student life. Anyone who receives a classic credit card can use the credit limit for themselves. This is particularly helpful if the account is currently experiencing low tide and it takes a moment for the salary or student loan to be paid.


Disadvantages of the credit card for students

Disadvantages of the credit card for students

Before deciding on a credit card, the disadvantages should of course always be weighed up. Basically, credit cards for students are offered relatively cheaply or even free of charge. Nevertheless, it can be the case with the classic credit card that annual fees are incurred, which can of course burden a student’s account. In addition, very high interest rates are incurred if the amount used is not settled. So if you can not be sure that you can offset the amount of credit card used on a monthly basis, you should rather refrain from using the card.


Alternatives to the classic credit card

classic credit card

The prepaid credit card is also an ideal solution for students. Those who may have been rejected when applying for a credit card or who are reluctant to get into debt but still do not want to forego the advantages of a credit card can opt for the prepaid credit card. This credit card has all the positive features that a classic credit card has. It can also be used abroad or for payment on the Internet. However, only as long as there is credit on the card. The credit card holder deposits this credit on the credit card. This means that no money can be spent that does not exist. The credit card account can be viewed at any time. If it is empty, the credit card can no longer be used until the account is refilled.


Credit card added value for students

Credit card added value for students

In conclusion, it can be said that the credit card can be worthwhile for students if they spend more time abroad, like to pay online or just want a little flexibility in life. However, care should be taken to ensure that the credit card’s available funds do not exceed the available funds. A credit card comparison can also be worthwhile. Some banks and providers have special cards for students and offer them at cheaper prices. The terms for repayment should also play a role in deciding on an offer.

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