Zoul’tis is an alternative hip-hop and rap artist who composes a song ‘Get On’


Featuring haunting musical progression, the alternative hip-hop and rap artist Zoul’tis produced a beautiful song of meaning ‘Rise’ for music lovers.

Alternative hip-hop and rap songs have a certain intensity and twist in the musical progression as well as in their lyrics. So, the creative and talented alternative hip-hop and rap singer Zoul’tis is there to compose music that comes straight from his heart. Therefore, she sees her music as staying in a lane with hers. So the song ‘Rise’ is a production of this artist, which has a beautiful flavor and a musical construction. After listening to this artist, some qualify it as dark, sexy, sultry and devious. However, the artist believes that every song about her comes from her heart, soul, and real life experiences.

This particular song was composed by her after witnessing and experiencing it on her own. Therefore, this particular song is about people who sell themselves at all costs to enter the music industry. Therefore, through her song, she wants to raise awareness and insist on staying true to the core of their hearts. It is necessary to learn everything in order to achieve anything in life, and learning love for yourself is the most important and essential thing for any person. Therefore, everyone will love you when you learn to love yourself.

Concerning the music of ‘Rise’ you can tell this song has a late night vibe and the artist’s hoarse voice makes this song more intense. The uses of instrumentals with the electro effect and a particular rhythm continue throughout the music. In addition, the vocal texture and musical progression of this music complements the lyrics of this song. So, the listeners can easily grasp the theme of the song and this is the main success of this artist. With the combination of melodic and simple rap, the artist has shown his stronghold on music.

The sound of this music became fierce and interesting with the jamming of two voices at the same time with different pitch. It would be nice to hear more new songs from this very creative and talented artist. Moreover, to know more about his songs, you can visit Spotify, Sound cloud, Apple Music, and she Youtube channel. Some other songs from Zoul’tis are which might make you euphonious ‘White Rice’ and ‘Zoul’tis Dead’. Facebook is a social networking site, from which you can get more information about him and know the background of this artist, just visit him official site.

Listen to his song on Spotify:

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